The Family Pharmacy, 15RX Pharmacy 15RX Pharmacy, a family owned pharmacy was established in 2010 after understanding the challenges in filing prescriptions by you and your family. With healthcare cost increasing day by day, we at 15RX Pharmacy, work hard to save you money whenever possible through co-pay assist cards, trial cards, and providing discounted cash pricing for generics and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. We work closely with several drug manufacturers that allows us to making the drug therapy more affordable.

Strong relationships with all the healthcare providers including your physician, case worker and nurses allows us to provide you the care you need.

We have a compounding lab that allows us to provide you a custom solution that fits your needs and not just what is made available to you. We bring pharmacy services to your door step with mailing and delivery service. Our stringent quality process ensures Right Medication @ Right Time.

Our patient focused team takes that extra step to make you feel a part of our 15RX family and not just another patient in line. With a team of highly energetic, passionate and caring team, we welcome you to the family of 15RX!

Mission Statement

At 15RX Pharmacy, our mission is to provide best service and best pricing to our community. Goal of our highly trained staff is to offer you and your loved ones, a warm welcome and personalized care. With wide range of retail drugs, compounding lab and medical supplies, we strive to be a family pharmacy that provides complete care that you can trust.

  • accepts all major Prescription Drug Insurances
  • offers flu shots
  • works with your doctors to provide optimum medication management that’s best for your health
  • delivers or mails your medication for a small charge
  • offers discounts to patients with no prescription insurance
  • helps you choose Medicare prescription plans
  • is accredited by Medicare offering wide range of durable medical equipment and supplies
  • accepts Medicaid for durable medical equipment and supplies
  • flavors medication to make it more palatable
  • looks for medication alternates that would save you money
  • checks drug interaction to make sure you are safe
  • offers range of over-the-counter products and vitamins

Why 15RX Pharmacy?

  • Family Owned Pharmacy
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Accepting Most RX Insurances
  • Same or Lower Co-Pays than Pharmacy Chains
  • Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Compounding Laboratory
  • Generic Price Match
  • Patient Profile Management
  • Speciality Medications
  • Free Home Delivery or Mail Delivery
  • Free Blister Packing, Medicine-on-Time®
  • Vaccination – Flu, Shingles, DTAB, Pneumonia