15RX Pharmacy Bedside Program

Goal: The goal of 15RX Pharmacy's Bedside Program is to improve the health of patients and make the discharge process from the hospital convenient and accommodating to individual needs. By providing medication bedside/home delivery and counseling, we intend to improve the treatment outcomes of our patients and reduce hospital re-admissions.

Burning Issues: Research confirms that rates of failure to secure a first dose of newly prescribed medications in major chronic disease categories are disturbingly high. Indeed, the failure rates in community-based settings (at community pharmacies, for example) range from 22 to 28 percent. Substantial rates of failure, between 15 and 26 percent have even been found among highly integrated health care systems like hospital and nursing homes that often have in-house pharmacies.

Top reasons for patients not filling their medication at the time of discharge

  • Fear
  • Misunderstanding
  • Lack of Symptoms
  • Depression
  • Worry
  • Mistrust
  • Too many medications
  • Cost

How can we help: Care coordination between providers make the discharge process seamless. Some of the following benefits to improve patient outcomes

  • Discharge from hospital with medications already in hand
  • No delay or interruption in medication therapy with auto-fills
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Improve follow-up rate with primary care or specialist after discharge
  • Cost effective medications (Same or Lower Copays than Pharmacy Chains)
  • Reduce stress during patient's transition to home or continuum of care

HHA/Pharmacy Goals

  • Reduce patient re-admission
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce discharge medication errors with communication between providers
  • Ensure no problems with prior authorization or formulary exceptions by patient's insurance
  • Care providers collaboration to ensure patient can afford and will receive all medications

BedsideMed Steps

  • Nurse/HHA staff offer Bedside program to the patient on admission/recovery/discharge
  • Fax demographics and prescriptions to our pharmacy or call the pharmacy
  • Provide patient's phone number and room number
  • Pharmacy fills the prescriptions and call patient for co-payments
  • Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to the patient room/home
  • Pharmacist counsels the patient/family member on medications
  • Pharmacy follows up the patient to ensure medication adherence and if patient needs help with selecting a physician closing the loop.

15RX Pharmacy strives to provide the highest quality of care for our patients and continuously help the hospitals reduce re-admissions.